Don’t Post That On Instagram

Don’t Post That On Instagram

October 5, 2018 Off By Perry Hutchins

We get it. You love Instagram. You love sharing photos with your friends. You love talking and hearing all sides to the story. But, there are some things that shouldn’t be posted on IG under any circumstances. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t post certain content on the site, whether it potentially invades your privacy or is simply too cliché to make sense. But, exactly what should not be posted on Instagram?


Too. Much. Information. You want to get it out but social media sites like Instagram are not the place to do that. You can never take back what you’ve posted, even if you think you’ve erased it, the information could come back to bite you in the butt later down the line. Think twice before you decide to write a post or shoot that video to share with your followers. TMI never looks good on you, no matter how pretty you attempt to make it look.

I Hate My Job

So do most of us, but we don’t go around talking about it on social media because we know that if the boss gets a whiff of our posts, our job is on the line. Again, your posts are never private, even if they’re not sent to a public audience. They can easily get in the hands of the wrong people which could compromise your job. Is it worth that risk?

Nude Photos

Not only does this compromise your account, but it can also ruin your reputation and get attention from all the wrong people. You never know who is behind the computer screen or what their true intentions might be. Don’t share nude photos with anyone online unless you know them well and even then, think two or three times about sharing something so intimate with another person in a virtual setting.

Jealous Comments

There she is, on yet another vacation, while I’m stuck in the house. She has a new boyfriend and I am prettier than her. Just because you feel it doesn’t mean that it needs to be said, especially on social media. Hate doesn’t get you very far in life, especially when it is publicly posted on social media. Remember that and if you cannot be happy for them, keep quiet, at least virtually.

I Bought Followers

Hopefully you’ve already discovered that you can buy likes and followers on Instagram and have made a purchase. The benefits are surely enjoyable and help you create the name that you want. But, I learned the hard way that posting this on your newsfeed is not a good idea. You can find other ways to alert your friends and fans but don’t post about it regularly!

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the content that you shouldn’t share on social media sites, it is time to go have fun. That is why social media is there after all, so don’t miss out on what you have come to find.